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Populace at home

Dust Evans Gallery, Ottawa, October 20-Dec 13, 2017


‘Populace’ (June17 –September 9, 2017) was an outdoor public art installation on the grounds of the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa marking Canada’s sesquicentennial. A total of 9000 ceramic feathers, fleurs de lys, and roses, made by today’s populace recognize the Indigenous, the French and the British peoples at the time of Confederation.

A total of 150 numbered legacy sets were made by Populace designer Hilde Lambrechts as part of the installation, consisting of one golden-tipped feather and both golden-edged flowers. These pieces are to be enjoyed indoors to prevent damage to the gold luster details. 'Populace at home’ shows the legacy pieces in and around multiple vases, made by members of the Ottawa Guild of Potters, as inspiration for a beautiful home display.


Studio 66, Ottawa, November 23 – January 6, 2017


“Good Riddance” articulates the fine line between craft and art by transforming one into the other. An original crocheted lace doily is ‘fast-fossilized’ by pushing and layering porcelain slip into and on top of the stitches after which both are fired in the kiln. During this process the original doily disappears completely leaving a thin, fragile porcelain negative. This fragility is indicative for the future of traditional crochet itself, a typical female craft since the 19th century, now considered old-fashioned. With women having claimed their rightful place in the art world, maybe it deserves to be fossilized. Is this good riddance?

‘Much ado about nothing’

November 2 – November 30, 2017.


The series is sold out but the catalogue is still available for $10. Commissions are taken.

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