What's New?

New work at Rothwell Gallery, Ottawa


Rothwell Gallery has received two new plates reflecting the fragility of our arctic sea ice and the pioneering of virgin soil with mosses and lichens.

Outdoor Living

Galerie Côté Créations, 98 Richmond Road, Ottawa,
March 1-31, 2018


‘Outdoor Living’ is a fun series of decorative nest-inspired bowls that translate the many types of residential real estate. They are constructed in reference to the abundance of current TV programs and magazines that have home buying, home decorating and home renovation as their subject matter. These three art works can be purchased at Galerie Côté Créations in Ottawa during the month of March.

Populace enclosed in the Time Capsule at City Hall, Ottawa


Ottawa’s mayor Jim Watson has chosen three Populace sculptures as his contribution to the Time Capsule, filled with Ottawa 2017 memorabilia. The content of the Time Capsule can be viewed on February 19 at The Jean Pigott Hall at City Hall, and will be closed on February 20 at noon. The Time Capsule will be opened after 50 years have passed. To own a piece of history, please visit our online store at www.Populace2017.com to reserve your own collection of Populace sculptures.

Populace published in Ottawa 2017 book!


The Populace team received a copy of the commemorative book “O Canada! A celebration of 150 years” by Joan Weinman and Kimothy Walker, 2017. The book will be donated to the Ottawa Guild of Potters library. It brought a smile on our face when we read Guy Laflamme’s compliment inside!

Memory Lane and a call for doilies

November 2 – November 30, 2017.


I am working on a new large scaled project called ‘Memory Lane’ consisting of porcelain negatives of lace crocheted doilies that are donated to me. Each porcelain piece will receive either a blue or green tint, and be framed in white. The collection will be mounted on a large wall, and reflect on the memories that are attached to each of the pieces. I would like to ask you whether you own fine lace crochet doilies that you are willing to sacrifice for my project. I prefer round doilies that are not larger than 15” in diameter, but I will be happy with any size or shape. They don’t need to be clean and they can be slightly damaged. I would love to hear the stories that are attached to them, and the name of the owner and how they came into your possession, as this information will become a part of the installation.


If you have a doily to burn, please contact me by email Hilde@H-art.ca, or phone 613 741 7646.


Compass, coming to you this spring?


Compass is a newly imagined installation using the Populace roses, fleurs de lys and feathers on the grounds of the NRC in collaboration with the Royal National Geographic Society on Sussex Drive, Ottawa. Whereas Populace recognized the three main populations in Ottawa at the time of Confederation, Compass looks to the present and future, including immigrant populations from all over the world, symbolized by ceramic birds placed between existing Populace sculptures. The siteplan in the shape of a compass rose is well received by the RNGS and NRC. Kirstin Davidson, Kim Lulashnyk and I are awaiting final approval…

‘Much ado about nothing’

November 2 – November 30, 2017.


The series is sold out but the catalogue is still available for $10. Commissions are taken.

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