Explorations of Life

    (2010-, selected works)


    This continuously growing series of natural curiosa is inspired by the beauty of biological structures, either on a macroscopic or microscopic level. All pieces are hand-built to achieve their organic appearance. Texture, pattern and colour add to their complexity and liveliness, connecting the viewer with other life forms.




    Hocus Pocus

    (2012-2013, selected works)


    Hocus Pocus' is a collection of hand-built ceramic cauldrons with runny glaze concoctions and inscribed with runes or pictographs.

    In popular culture the fantasy of magical powers seems to attract a wide audience as it might compensate for the loss of control in real life. With this series I step into the world of witchcraft; I playfully carve my spells into clay and let the magic of the kiln do the trick.







    This ‘dysfunctional’ ware reflects my personal struggle for survival and support the autobiographical content of  my ‘Renaissance’ drawings in pen and ink.






    (2011-2014, selected works)


    ‘Petrified’ comprises works from two solo shows: ‘Petrified Forest’ and ‘The Aftermath’. The collections, based on trees and their parts, are created as a statement against the worldwide disappearance of original forests due to climate change and deforestation.





    Ponderosa Downfall



    ‘Ponderosa Downfall’ is an abstraction of the bark of the ponderosa pine in decay.

    The Making Of Ponderosa Downfall




    The Bark Archive

    (2014, Installation)


    ‘The Bark Archive’ is a collection of 100 ceramic tiles based on the texture of tree barks from all over the world.

    Due to climate change and ongoing global deforestation the variety of trees within the forest ecosystems is bound to diminish. ‘The Bark Archive’ is a testament of the awe-inspiring textural diversity of trees that might be lost for future generations. The installation is a total size of 21.8' x 5.3' (each piece is about 10.75" x 10.75"  x 0.5-2"). Materials used vary between tiles, but are limited to  stoneware, red Iron oxide, acrylic, and wooden toothpicks.







    ‘Reclaimed’ plays with the idea of lower marine life forms, like corals and anemones, colonizing shipwreck ceramics, which are sooner or later reclaimed back from the ocean. This series is also exploring the reuse of damaged ware and shards, fused together in clusters, giving them a new decorative function.


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